• Testimony: Johanna, Vacaville, CA

    I first met Christine Andrew when she started her first Vacaville “Biggest Loser.”  I had read the Vacaville Magazine that same day and saw the program was starting that night.  I though how wonderful.  The  eight week session was great.  We divided into teams (We were the Lovely Losing  Ladies) trying to encourage each other during the week and then weighing in each Tuesday.  I lost 18 pounds.

    She mentioned some supplements she was selling.  I was taking some expensive multi-vitamins and didn’t think I needed anything else.  But when my doctor at Kaiser wanted me to take a cholesterol medication, even though I was eating right and exercising a lot, I asked Christine what she suggested.  She gave me a supplement and brought my cholesterol count down 30 points!  The doctor had even said he would recommend the supplement to others if it worked.

    Then my husband was taking a thyroid medication and he started taking her supplements hoping to eventually cut down the strength the doctor was giving him.  Even though the doctor said that my thyroid was ok, I knew that my metabolism is such that if I breath heavy I gain weight!  Since I started taking the thyroid supplement I have experienced at least three acquaintances that had thyroid surgery when they didn’t even know there was something wrong with their thyroid.

    Then Christine introduced her laser light therapy.  It rebuilds cells that are damaged to take away the pain.  I have very bad arthritis in my right knee which caused me to quit my part time retail sales job.  Her laser therapy took away the pain.  But I started exercising “big time” on my exercise equipment and the pain returned.  I will have to just stick to walking my new dog as my major exercise.

    Christine told me about how the laser light therapy was used for dieting.   She experimented on me after I told her I was concerned about the size of my waist after Doctor Oz said how dangerous it is to be larger than 36 inches.  My waist measured 36″.  She did her laser therapy on my waist a few treatments and it went down 3 inches!  She truly is a wonderful holistic healer and I tell everyone about her.