Why Center for Holistic Health, Nutrition, & Vacaville Thermography, Inc?

The goals of nutritional consultation are to help you live a longer, healthier, and productive life.  This is accomplished first by evaluating the current status of your health using a variety of modalities and assessment tools, and then planning a program tailored to your individual needs.  Relying on the internet and friends for advice is not only dangerous, but opens you to rampant misguided information.  Choose your healthcare under the supervision of a certified and licensed healthcare professional.  We at Center for Holistic Health and Nutrition are passionate in assisting clients in making necessary dietary and life-style changes; changes that may for a time seem uncomfortable at first, but will in the conclusion yield beneficial and pleasing results.

True health is described in this quote:  “To eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like and do what you’d rather not.”  ~~Mark Twain

Gaining and maintaining health is a long-term process.  A journey.  For some it may require only a short period of time and for others much longer.   This is dependent on a person’s health status, how long the current health issue has been present, a person’s willingness to make changes, and their body’s ability to heal.

We are committed to breast thermography for Northern California women of all ages in order to assist in the prevention of breast cancer.

Enjoy this video “FOOD DOES MATTER” by Barb Marshall, Published on Aug 12, 2017