• Vacaville Thermography

    Breast Thermography is one of the best early warning systems available today. Alternatives to mammography can be found in breast thermography and Center For Holistic Health & Nutrition promotes the precision and lack of risk you can find in breast thermography technologies. Based out of Vacaville California, we offer breast thermography for anyone in Northern California seeking a productive capacity to identify thermal signs known to be correlated with cancer symptoms.

    • Breast Thermography doesn’t necessitate x-rays – This means no radiation or compression.
    • Thermography is F.D.A. Approved
    • Thermography is Painless and Harmless – Non-invasive, safe and painless.
    • Only 10% of cancers are missed with breast thermography as opposed to 20% and 40% for mammograms.
    • Thick breast tissue does not pose a problem with breast thermography technology.

    What is Breast Thermography?

    breast thermography is a breakthrough imaging procedure utilizing infrared images of the breast to analyze and detect asymmetrical blood vessel circulation (physiology) within the breast. By doing so, we are able to determine the breast health. Breast thermography is non-invasive, radiation-free and safe. The infrared imaging process allows you to see the range and amount of heat or thermal energy emitted from the body.