About Christine Andrew

Christine AndrewChristine Andrew received her Bachelor’s of Music Therapy from the University of the Pacific, and was in the field of education teaching second to fourth graders for  25 years.  She earned her certification in Nutrition Consultation in 2006 from Huntington College of Health Sciences after completing her internship with William Kneebone, a homeopathic doctor.  In 2010 Christine delved into and completed an 18 month study in functional medicine through Functional Diagnostic Medicine University.  It was through this study that Christine was able to hone in on skills and truly become a health detective, a functional medicine practitioner,  in trying to get to root problems of clients’ health issues.  Click on the Functional Medicine tab for more information.

Being an educator for so long, Christine has witnessed  first-hand the decline of health in children and adults, due to poor health choices.  She is passionate about educating people of all ages about the importance of improving their health and does so through on-going wellness classes.

Always striving to become more educated in her field, in 2014 Christine  completed training as a Breast Thermography Technician and has added Breast Thermography service to her practice. Click on the Breast Thermography tab for more information.

Christine currently operates Center for Holistic Health, Nutrition & Vacaville Thermography, Inc., her own business in Vacaville, CA.  She spends her free time reading recent research in the health arena, playing with her cat, and spending time outdoors and traveling.

Professional Organizations and Certifications:

American Association of Nutrition Consultants

American Academy of Thermology

Vacaville Business Connections

Functional Blood Chemistry- Datis Kharrazian, DC, CN, MS

Functional Endocrinology-Datis Kharrazian, DC, CN, MS

Functional Diagnostic Medicine- Ron Grisanti, DC

Bioenergetics- William Kneebone, DC, CN, FIAMA