Liver Gallbladder Cleanse

The liver and the gallbladder are instrumental organs to the body filtrating toxins. The liver is an amazing organ and supporting your liver may just be the missing key to your optimum health! Liver disease is the fourth most common cause of death in the U.S. after heart disease, strokes, and cancer. This diverse organ has well over three hundred different functions!

Your liver’s job is to make sure that your body absorbs the nutrients it needs and dumps everything else that it doesn’t need! Your liver’s major duties are to:

  • Metabolize protein, fat and carbohydrate to provide energy and nutrients
  • Store vitamins, minerals and glucose
  • Filter the blood by helping to remove harmful chemicals and bacteria
  • Make bile, which breaks down the fats which you eat
  • Help uptake and storage of fat-soluble vitamins: A, E, D and K
  • Store extra blood that can be used in times of extra need or stress
  • Make serum proteins which maintain fluid balance of the blood and act as carriers
  • Help maintain electrolyte and water balance of the body’s fluids
  • Make immune substances, such as gamma globulin
  • Converts thyroid hormone and breaks down and eliminates excess hormones, such as estrogens.
  • It is the first line of defense against any poisons – its role is to change harmful toxins into substances that can be safely eliminated from the body.
  • In addition, all the nourishment obtained through the gastrointestinal tract enters the blood by way of the liver.

The liver secretes vital digestive juices that help properly digest food and cleanse the blood. Pesticides, polluted air, water and soil are inhaled or absorbed daily. Our exposure to toxins is increased by our use of steroids, medications, smoking, over-indulgence of alcohol, poor food choices, and not drinking enough fresh clean water.

With the help of our liver we naturally expel the metabolic by-products and toxins produced from the regular functioning and metabolism of our bodies. The liver also has a profound effect on the hormonal system, helping to regulate and balance hormonal activity to ensure the proper functioning of our neurological system.

With the prevalence of synthetic foods, nutrient deficient foods and the environmental pollution of our air and water, our liver is working harder than ever to detoxify our body and regulate healthy metabolic activity. Many different poor health symptoms can result from a liver that is overloaded with toxins and undernourished nutrients, including:

• Fatigue

• Skin Rashes

• Depression

• Hormonal imbalances

• Obesity

• Gallbladder disease


• Allergies

• Jaundice

• Nausea

• Emotional excess

• Headaches

• Drowsiness after eating

• Weak tendons, ligaments & muscles

• Difficulty losing weight

One of the best kept secrets in weight loss and lasting weight control is keeping the liver, the key organ for fat metabolism, in tip-top shape. Ann Louise Gittleman, author of The Fat Flush Plan, says “Probably nothing you do to control your weight is as important as keeping your liver healthy. This means avoiding as many of the damaging elements (like alcohol) as possible, while embracing liver boosters. Among some of the lesser known compromisers of liver function are caffeine, sugar, trans- fats, medications, and inadequate fiber. ”

The Gallbladder – The Liver’s Best Friend

The liver does not act alone. It works in conjunction with the gallbladder. After filtering out toxins the liver sends bile for storage into the gallbladder. By participating in a liver/gallbladder flush stagnant waste is cleaned out, liver function and bile flow are improved, blood and lymph are purified, and the body is rejuvenated. Due to the silent but toxic nature of commercial oils hidden in many foods, eating these foods causes a stagnant bile syndrome precipitating bile stones.

How do stones form? After years of eating “bad oils” or foods that contain rancid oils—chips, fried foods, pizza, mayonnaise, margarine, bagels, breads, cookies, pastries, salad dressings, etc., the liver and gallbladder in the average person has become quite congested, like a sewer that is partially blocked. But worse is that the stagnation starts backing up and creating all sorts of seemingly unrelated symptoms such as irritability, difficulty sleeping, poor digestion, dry skin, poor eyesight, depression, and more.

In this daily routine of eating the “bad oils” which to most people seem to be “healthy” the quality of the bile becomes thick and viscous. This sludge bile stagnates and slowly forms thick concretions over time—like grease balls—which then jam or impedes normal physiology of the gallbladder which can include the liver and upper intestinal tract. This can slowly lead to gradual expansion of symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, food allergies, burping after meals, smelly gas, environmental sensitivities, poor immune tolerance and more.

Changing your diet to healthy foods with only good oils might help you feel better temporarily, but it won’t get rid of the greasy sludge in the gallbladder and biliary tract. Even people after 20 years of no cheating eating a clean diet can still pass gallstones.

Oils and foods to avoid:

Margarine, canola oil, safflower oil, cottonseed oil, mayonnaise, shortening, all highly heated oils, fried oils,

commercial white bread, bagels, muffins, cakes, chips, fries, doughnuts, pizza. Also avoid any supplements

that contain toxic oils such as magnesium stearate. This is a flowing agent used so that the contents can flow

through machines easier and not stick to the machinery.

Just because an oil is sold in a health food store does not mean that it’s healthy.

The Liver Flush Prep

We have seen the Liver-Gallbladder flush save clients from having their gallbladders removed. The key to the flush is proper preparation. Of course, the flush can be unpleasant if the pH is bad, so this has to be worked on first. For four to six weeks before the flush we use Premier Gallbladder ND and Premier Liver ND to break down the sludge that clogs the gallbladder and Liver bile ducts so that stones and parasites can be eliminated

We use Premier Biliven to dilate the neck of the gallbladder and Premier Paracidin to eliminate liver flukes if needed. We use Premier Castor Packs on the liver and gallbladder. And then – the days right before the flush are crucial. We often have our clients go without oil for about four days to two weeks, so that bile can build up in the gallbladder, creating a strong exit of waste materials when it is prompted to release. Finally, we work to keep the electrolytes and the blood sugar level balanced throughout the days of the flush. We use fresh juices for this. Drinking copious amounts of water is also very important.

Lemon and Cayenne – Good for Bones, Heart and Digestion

Lemon and cayenne contain high levels of antioxidants called bioflavonoids and both are very alkaline. People who eat a standard American Diet (SAD) abundant in foods that are acid producing need more alkaline foods. Chronic acidity causes systemic inflammation. Lemons are common ingredients in detox programs.

Benefits of Lemon Juice:

 Because lemons and hot pepper is good for digestion, heart and blood circulation they are on the top

 Lemon is an old time tonic used to aid digestion, reduce pain and swelling (inflammation), improve

 Lemon juice promotes peptic activity (stomach digestion) in people with low stomach acid

 Lemon stimulates bile production (from the gallbladder) for food digestion, according to

 Water mixed with lemon can be consumed every morning for liver health. It works as a tonic,

Lemon Oil

of my list of foods to consume for a healthy heart and healthy bones.

the function of blood vessels, and increase urination to reduce fluid retention.

production (hypochlorhydria) according to a study published in the Medical Journal of Digestive

Diseases. This suggests that lemon juice is beneficial to those with the gastric acid deficiency.

stimulating bile production for food digestion, according to

• Richest source of vitamins and minerals known to man.

• Benefits bile formation, which is essential for optimal fat metabolism

• Helps regulate the liver.

• Promotes peristalsis. Keeps waste moving along for elimination.

• Encourages tissue building.

• Strengthens and energizes the heart.

• Stimulates and builds the kidneys and adrenal glands.

• Its oxygen builds vitality.

• Its calcium strengthens and builds the lungs.

• Its sodium encourages tissue building.

• It alkalizes the pH of the blood to a healthy level.

• Its iron builds the red corpuscles.

• It cleanses the blood plasma.

• Aids the thyroid for deeper breathing.

• Helps dissolve and eliminate mucoid plaque from the digestive system.

• Does all that lemons do without any worry of enamel degradation.

• Aids liver function

• Boosts metabolism

• Reduces toxin buildup in fat cells

• Supports bile flow

Peppermint Oil

• Clears liver from drugs,

• May help allergies, hay fever, gastritis, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, common cold, bronchitis,

sinusitis, fever & morning sickness.

• Energizes a sluggish body and promotes mental acuity.

Liver Cleansing Foods

Besides the daily ritual of the Liver Cleanse, drinking lots of clean water, as well as eating liver-cleansing foods on a daily basis are also important steps to take! Fresh organic eggs, fish, berries, plenty of fresh vegetables, and especially cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kale are great for the liver! Garlic, onion and ginger root help support metabolism and reduce toxic buildup.

For specific recipe and instructions on this cleanse contact our center for an appointment to find out if this type of cleanse is right for you and to receive a separate handout for the Liver Gallbladder recipes and instructions.