Insurance companies do not accept Nutrition Consultants or alternative health care. We are a cash practice and accept VISA, Master Card, or cash as well as Health Savings Accounts.
We invite you to check out our fees menu on the website. Other practitioners in the same field charge anywhere from $85-$250 per hour for their consultations. Compared to other practitioners, we offer the most reasonable prices for our services. And, compared to health insurance, we are quite reasonable. Doctor visits are $10-$45 for 15 minutes. An hourly visit could cost $120-$180 or more for out of pocket pay. We charge $75 and give you a full hour.
The return policy is:
  • If the product is damaged we can refund you if reported within 5 days of purchase.
  • If you are having a reaction to the product this must be reported within 5 days.
  • Refunds will be on a case by case basis.
  • Unopened bottles may be returned for credit minus a 15% restocking fee as long as the bottle has been stored at room temperature and not near microwaves, hot cars, or near cell phones (such as in purses).
  • Opened bottles or discounted products may not be returned.
  • Food items may not be returned.
We offer payment plans and senior discounts.
We make sure every product sold at our clinic tests with the highest standard, and we provide our clients with the very best quality products. Every product is tested specifically for each client and our products work well together synergistically. We cannot guarantee the efficacy with products not sold through us. The body’s nutrition dynamics are complex and subject to many factors. Although most people receive great benefits with our products, results vary. None of our products can be guaranteed to achieve specific health benefits
Christine is not a medical doctor and therefore cannot diagnose or treat disease. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy, Nutrition Diploma, is certified as a Nutrition Consultant, and certified as a Thermography Technician, and has completed the 18 month educational program in Functional Medicine through Functional Diagnostic Medicine University Sequoia Educational Services. In addition, she has completed all three required levels of training as a QRA practitioner through Premier Research Labs. As with any service it is important to make sure someone you consult with is certified or licensed properly.