We may ask you to provide an advance payment for services offered on our Website. Advance payment for services may be required to secure appointments. We will issue a refund of any advance payment that you may have made if you cancel prior to 48-hour notice given.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please give the office at least 48 hours notice. Failure to provide adequate 48-HOUR notice may result in a full appointment fee.

Our telephone and office hours are Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 5:30pm.

As a courtesy to clients with allergies and chemical sensitivities:

  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes or heavily scented products when in our office.
  • Please turn off your cell phone while in our office.
  • Please allow sufficient travel time and take traffic conditions into consideration. If you know you are running late, please call the office to let us know.

Phone consultations are sometimes necessary. A fee may be assessed for this service depending on the issues and time involved. Emails are welcome. Some health issues may need a phone call or office visit to resolve. We now offer Telemedicine consultations for new and existing clients. The same fees apply for hourly consults.

We ask that our clients pay for services at the time they are rendered. We accept cash, check, Master–Card, or Visa for in office visits. Active Military are offered discounted rates.

Please contact the office at least a week prior to your supplements getting low. You will be given a contact number to call in yourself for reorders, or you can come to the office during business hours to pick up a prepaid supplement reorder. If there has been a substantial lapse of time since your last visit, we may request an office visit to update your chart. Free shipping is offered on orders of $120.00 or more. All supplement orders will be shipped the same day unless ordered after 2PM. UPS ground takes approximately 3 business days to be delivered. For your protection we do not allow returns on supplements. Certain supplements require protection from heat and direct sunlight. Please make sure all your concerns are addressed prior to purchasing supplements.

If you have a new health issue, please call the office to schedule an appointment. In order for the nutritionist to properly assess the situation as well as document properly, the nutritionist needs to see you in the context of an office visit.

Once we receive the results, the nutritionist will review your labs. You may need to be seen to review the results and will be called to schedule a follow–up appointment. For those who submit outside labs, we require a minimum of 3 business days prior to your appointment to release copies of your labs in order to allow time for the nutritionist for evaluation.

For life–threatening emergencies call 911. Otherwise, go directly to the emergency room. Please call the office at your convenience to inform us of this event so that it can be documented in your charts.

We offer cancellations on purchases made of services offered on our Website with a minimum of 48-hour notice given. We reserve the right to cancel your purchase for any reason, at our sole discretion, including but not limited to fraud, inaccuracies, and unavailability of the items purchased. Furthermore, we will let you know immediately if we plan on cancelling your purchase.

We love animals, yet they are not allowed in the office during your appointment time.

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