Category: Testimonials

  • Testimony: Katy G.

    I am just so grateful that you came into my life, for the first time in 8 years, I am not fighting off a cold! My roommate got it and I DIDN’T!! I know this is because of you and your healing methods. You knew immediately that my teeth were a problem, we may not have known which one, but you knew that everything else we were doing to heal my body would not be as effective if we didn’t first heal the teeth. For 10 years I have been told that I was either making up the pain or there was nothing that could be done about it, and you gave me hope. I almost didn’t believe it but you and Dr Mehta made it so effortless to resolve something that has been slowly deteriorating my health for most of my adult life.

    When I came to you my mind and body were weak and tired, you asked me if I was willing to do whatever it took to get healthy and my spirit cried out. I was at flight or fight and with your help I was able to choose fight. I had desperately reached out to my healthcare providers and friends but everyone said I was fine, I was starting to feel like maybe I was crazy. Maybe this was all made up? But when I came to you, you listened. You spent the time with me to dig into the reality of my life, habits and history. You figured out what my body was lacking and you started me on track to healing. In just 1 month my hair was thicker and growing, my nails weren’t flaking or peeling and I had energy. I hadn’t had energy in an entire year. Now just two months out and I haven’t been sick once, my hair is noticeably longer and the brain fog has significantly lifted.

    You not only gave me back my health, but my sanity too. When I felt hopeless and helpless you were the only one who truly saw my pain and for that I will forever be grateful to you.

  • Testimony: Chris P.

    Loved her book. So helpful to understand the causes of disease, but also what we can do about fixing the causes! It’s clear an incredible amount of time and energy went into creating this book and making it helpful and practical. Will be using this as a go-to guide for myself, family, and friends!!
    Chris P.

  • Testimony: Joyce S.

    In April 2009 my medical doctor prescribed a cholesterol lowering medicine. I had just lived through absolutely the worst health year of my life and was not eager to start taking yet another pill. The very next day, while sitting in my dentist’s waiting room, I came across an ad for Christine Andrew of Individualized Nutrition Services. Since I had not yet filled my doctor’s prescription, I decided to give her a call. That was probably the best phone call I ever made. Christine suggested a homeopathic remedy and helped me appreciate the importance of a healthy diet. Three months later my cholesterol levels were normal. And, that’s where they have stayed.

    Since then I have continued to work with Christine to improve my overall wellbeing. She has been a true source of wisdom, and alternative resources, as I traveled my journey back to health. I now have the tools needed in order to live a long healthy life.

    Thanks to Christine I am a happy 60-year-old who is taking absolutely no prescription medicine.

    Joyce S.

  • Testimony: Alan

    This is my written testimony concerning an upper back cyst that has been growing for quite some time. It was located centrally on the upper back very close to the spine. After repeated attempts to remove the contents of the cyst my Doctor was consulted. He didn’t like the looks of it and said we should keep an eye on it for several months and if it didn’t improve, he would surgically remove it. At this point Christy began her LASER treatments on it and after several treatments the cyst went into “remission” and has subsided, being nearly flush with the skin and to the diameter of maybe 1 millimeter or less. I can’t wait to show my Doctor!! No Surgery, No Drugs… Just LASER!!

  • Testimony: Shirley

    My testimony is lengthy and mighty!!! I don’t know where to begin. When I first came to you I was feeling helpless, discouraged but hopeful. And my hopes have been far exceeded, I am a recovering cancer patient, have Hep. C, T cell lymphoma, ascites and other side issues produced from chemotherapy. With your wonderful help, knowledge and products you enhanced and eradicated problems with my immune system, lymph glands, cleansed my liver, helped with anti-inflammatory, oxygenation, deficient vitamins and minerals. Then with the help of the Laser there was a miracle performed so when I went back to my oncologist he scratched his head in disbelief. My CA-125 count had gone down to l6 whereas previously it was over l26 and into the zone where cancer was returning. My ascites was so bad when I went to you I was bloated, legs were huge and I could hardly walk. The GI doctor wanted to insert needles in my stomach which are dangerous, could lead to death, so I declined and with your wonderful help they were not necessary. Thereafter I took a 3 week trip to Germany, found more restored health, but could not have gone if it wasn’t for you. I am anxious to always rely on your good knowledge and help.

  • Testimony: Kelley B.

    Meeting with Christie, and taking advantage of her services has truly highlighted for me the importance of my health. Although I’ve always known I needed to work on my overall health, it wasn’t until I started working with Christie that I found I really could take small steps and start making a difference. Thank you Christie!
    Kelley B.

  • Testimony: Susan M.

    I love the essential oils that you introduced me to years ago. My favorite has been the peppermint oil. I used to have so much trouble with my stomach and since using the peppermint oil has changed my life. I used to use Tums and other antacids. I no longer use them and the peppermint oil is now my best friend for stomach upset relief. Of course changing my diet and eating healthier has helped tremendously. Thanks to you and helping me with that too.

    The essential oil C. Care has been a great addition to helping me with my muscle pain. It is great to rub on my sore back and provides hours of relief. Thanks for introducing me to such great oils. There are many more that have helped too. They are too numerous to list, but thanks for all your help. Your knowledge to help me feel better has changed my quality of life. Thank You!
    Susan M.

  • Testimony: Cory

    Last year I was carrying a pot of boiled spaghetti noodles to the sink to drain. I accidentally hit the pot on the side of the counter spilling the boiling water on me. I got a pretty good second degree burn on my side. I followed medical instructions for treatment but it was healing very slowly and very painful. I called Christy and she gave me lavender and myrrh. After just one day I noticed a dramatic change and from that point on not only did the pain decrease substantially but the healing process seemed to speed up. Now, a year later, the scars are barely visible. This experience made a believer out of me with essential oils and I have since purchased and used others for more conditions. Thank You Christy!!!

  • Testimony: Kara

    I would like to first and foremost give God the glory for the progress and victory I have made through Christine’s diet/supplement plan. I met Christine at a health conference at my church last fall. Right before the conference I had received some bad test results from my doctor. I had just been diagnosed with a low functioning gallbladder. My ejection fraction was at a low 6%, where a normal gallbladder should be ejecting at 35%. I was suffering with constant upper right abdominal pain and my doctor along with a surgeon advised me to remove the gallbladder. I asked my primary care doctor if there was anyway to reverse my gallbladder function (non surgically) and get it back to its regular function. My doctor informed me that she had never seen it been done before. I then met Christine at the conference and I am SO grateful that I did. We chatted a bit after one of her breakout sessions on gut healing and for the first time I found hope through her. She assured me she has reversed a bad gallbladder before and advised that I schedule an appointment with her. I lost no time and did just that. After following Christine’s treatment plan for a few months my abdominal pain became less and I lost weight that I so desperately needed to loose. The biggest victory came when my doctor ordered a repeat scan to check on my gallbladder and found that in just 4 months my gallbladder almost doubled its function! I went from a 6% to an 11%. Although this is still a low functioning gallbladder I had the privilege of debunking my doctors theory of not being able to reverse a bad gallbladder and am now told by my surgeon that he votes I leave my gallbladder in. I stand by Christine and continue on with her treatment plan until my gallbladder reaches that glorious 35%. What a blessing and answered prayer she and her vast knowledge has been to me!

    I mean every word!

  • Testimony: George S.

    Coming off the Christmas Holidays and starting 2015 my goal was to get healthy and in-shape! But I was having a problem finding a remedy for heartburn and acid reflux, as well as feeling bloated after eating the smallest of meals! I also felt foggy headed and not very sharp! I had recently joined Christian Healthcare Ministries, and that’s where I met fellow member Christine Andrew of the Center for Holistic Health & Nutrition! Christine carefully evaluated my situation and determined it to be Leaky Gut Syndrome, and later through observation that I had a sensitivity to Gluten. She immediately put me on a cleanse to help rid my body of toxins that had accumulated over time! Then she tailored a protocol specifically for me, which included a focus on nutrition, supplementation, hydration, and exercise! It has been 4 months. I have lost 18 lbs and feel healthier than I have in quite some time! The issues I had been having are completely gone, my thinking is sharper and I am becoming more fit each and every day! Christine has been there for me every step of the way with her expertise and encouragement, which has made this all possible! I plan on making this a permanent life style change, and at 57 years young, I want to be pro-active when it comes to my health! Thank you Christine, and thank you Christian Healthcare Ministries! Cheers to Good Health!! God Bless!!
    George S.