• Testimony: Shirley

    My testimony is lengthy and mighty!!! I don’t know where to begin. When I first came to you I was feeling helpless, discouraged but hopeful. And my hopes have been far exceeded, I am a recovering cancer patient, have Hep. C, T cell lymphoma, ascites and other side issues produced from chemotherapy. With your wonderful help, knowledge and products you enhanced and eradicated problems with my immune system, lymph glands, cleansed my liver, helped with anti-inflammatory, oxygenation, deficient vitamins and minerals. Then with the help of the Laser there was a miracle performed so when I went back to my oncologist he scratched his head in disbelief. My CA-125 count had gone down to l6 whereas previously it was over l26 and into the zone where cancer was returning. My ascites was so bad when I went to you I was bloated, legs were huge and I could hardly walk. The GI doctor wanted to insert needles in my stomach which are dangerous, could lead to death, so I declined and with your wonderful help they were not necessary. Thereafter I took a 3 week trip to Germany, found more restored health, but could not have gone if it wasn’t for you. I am anxious to always rely on your good knowledge and help.