• Testimony: Joyce S.

    In April 2009 my medical doctor prescribed a cholesterol lowering medicine.  I had just lived through absolutely the worst health year of my life and was not eager to start taking yet another pill.  The very next day, while sitting in my dentist’s waiting room, I came across an ad for Christine Andrew of Individualized Nutrition Services.  Since I had not yet filled my doctor’s prescription, I decided to give her a call.  That was probably the best phone call I ever made.  Christine suggested a homeopathic remedy and helped me appreciate the importance of a healthy diet.  Three months later my cholesterol levels were normal.  And, that’s where they have stayed.

    Since then I have continued to work with Christine to improve my overall wellbeing.  She has been a true source of wisdom, and alternative resources, as I traveled my journey back to health.  I now have the tools needed in order to live a long healthy life.

    Thanks to Christine I am a happy 60-year-old who is taking absolutely no prescription medicine.