• Testimony: Kara Vacaville, CA

    I would like to first and foremost give God the glory for the progress and victory I have made through Christine’s diet/supplement plan. I met Christine at a health conference at my church last fall. Right before the conference I had received some bad test results from my doctor. I had just been diagnosed with a low functioning gallbladder. My ejection fraction was at a low 6%, where a normal gallbladder should be ejecting at 35%. I was suffering with constant upper right abdominal pain and my doctor along with a surgeon advised me to remove the gallbladder. I asked my primary care doctor if there was anyway to reverse my gallbladder function (non surgically) and get it back to its regular function. My doctor informed me that she had never seen it been done before. I then met Christine at the conference and I am SO grateful that I did. We chatted a bit after one of her breakout sessions on gut healing and for the first time I found hope through her. She assured me she has reversed a bad gallbladder before and advised that I schedule an appointment with her. I lost no time and did just that. After following Christine’s treatment plan for a few months my abdominal pain became less and I lost weight that I so desperately needed to loose. The biggest victory came when my doctor ordered a repeat scan to check on my gallbladder and found that in just 4 months my gallbladder almost doubled its function! I went from a 6% to an 11%. Although this is still a low functioning gallbladder I had the privilege of debunking my doctors theory of not being able to reverse a bad gallbladder and am now told by my surgeon that he votes I leave my gallbladder in. I stand by Christine and continue on with her treatment plan until my gallbladder reaches that glorious 35%. What a blessing and answered prayer she and her vast knowledge has been to me!


    I mean every word!