• Testimony sent from Ann

    I have been working with Christine for about a month now. The first moment I met her I new she was put in my life for a reason. She is amazing! She’s kind, compassionate, and truly someone who wants to heal people. My anxiety has gone down tremendously with a diet and supplement change.

    I decided to seek out an alternative way to treat my anxiety as Western Medicine just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore and actually making things worse. Anxiety has completely taken over my life, along with being recently diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. Christine has helped me and has/is educating me on Celiacs and what it is doing to my body. With a Holistic approach to my new way of life I’m positive that I will get better as I’m already feeling and seeing the benefits.

    If you are looking for a better way to treat and heal your body, other than just taking pills that Western Medicine pushes on us, that have horrible long term side effects,  I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Christine today. You won’t regret it for a minute.

    Christine,  Keep up the amazing work you do!

    Ann H

    Vacaville, CA