• Testimony: Susan M., Vacaville, CA

    I love the essential oils that you introduced me to years ago.  My favorite has been the peppermint oil.  I used to have so much trouble with my stomach and since using the peppermint oil has changed my life.  I used to use Tums and other antacids.  I no longer use them and the peppermint oil is now my best friend for stomach upset relief.  Of course changing my diet and eating healthier has helped tremendously.  Thanks to you and helping me with that too.

    The essential oil Balance has been a great addition to helping me with my muscle pain.  It is great to rub on my sore back and provides hours of relief.  Thanks for introducing me to such great oils.  There are many more that have helped too. They are too numerous to list, but thanks for all your help. Your knowledge to help me feel better has changed my quality of life.  Thank You!