• pH Explained

    Christine Andrew, CNC

    “A well tuned body doesn’t run well on inferior fuel.” MT. Morter, M.D.

    Getting an engine into top running form, you have to put in the right parts, fuel, and oils. I can adjust the mechanical and electrical systems and get the parts working correctly, but if the owner put the wrong kind of fuel in the tank, the well-tuned engine could be ruined.

    pH stands for potential hydrogen. It is the measure of the relative acidity or alkalinity of a solution. There are different potencies for different fluids in the body and out of the body. Citric acid in fruit will not harm you. But hydrochloric acid in a chemistry lab can drill a hole through flesh.

    Water has a pH of 7.0. It is neutral. The lower the number, the more acidic the solution. The higher the number, the more alkaline the solution. There is a tenfold difference between each unit. For example, ph 5.0 is ten times more acid than ph 6.0, but pH 4.0 is one hundred times (10×10) more acid than pH 6.0. Minor variations in the pH can make a significant difference in the way your body functions and in your health potential.

    Your body is an alkaline entity by design, except for the stomach. yet acid-producing by function. All bodily fluid is supposed to be 7.0 or above on the pH scale. Cells operate in an alkaline environment, yet acid is produced as they function, and cells that are alive, function all the time. This acid by itself won’t damage your body because it is a weak acid that is easily eliminated by your lungs. When you exercise your body is getting rid of the acid generated by the hard working cells.

    Another source of acid comes from acid ash food. This must be neutralized before it can be eliminated through the kidneys. If you eat the same kinds of food as the Standard American Diet, day after day, acid ash is left as it is processed in the body. Excess acid from acid ash foods can be eliminated, but it can’t be eliminated through the lungs. Dietary acid ash is eliminated through the kidneys. In this process, vital minerals are lost with it. Acid ash from foods can be eliminated through the kidneys and bowels, but it must first be neutralized through buffering. Otherwise, it would burn sensitive tissue on their way through the digestive tract.

    Pain or burning on urination, or heartburn, is an indicator that the reserves of neutralizing minerals such as calcium are exhausted and that the body has adapted the way it functions for survival, not comfort. Natural treatments to ease the pain can help such as cranberry juice or ginger tea. This won’t affect the underlying cause and unless the person changes the way they eat, they will get sicker. The only way to improve the condition that caused the problem in the first place is to eat alkaline foods. If the acid ash produced by food isn’t neutralized, your body will become so toxic that it can no longer function.

    Minerals are used by the body to buffer dietary acid ash foods. The most important minerals are sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. You get these in fruits and vegetables. Just like having a bank account where you deposit and withdraw, you can take out all of the money at once and the bank account will be empty, or you can take out a little each day and it will take longer to bring down the amount. If you don’t make any deposits, eventually your money will be gone. The same goes with your Wellness Bank Account. Every time you eat acid ash foods, some of the precious minerals, sodium, from your bodily bank account is used up. If you don’t replace it with the minerals from fruits and vegetables, your valuable reserve of alkaline minerals will vanish and your body will become acidic. When your sodium reserves are used up, then your body will start to rob calcium from the bone bank. Osteoporosis develops when “your calcium has gone off to play hero and bail you out of the mess caused by your dietary habits.” Dr. Morter

    Every day think about whether you are making a deposit or withdrawal with your Wellness Bank Account. What you eat, drink, think, and do will either make a deposit or withdrawal. Producing acid without depositing alkaline, your body must fight to maintain pH levels, and you are a prime candidate for progressive degenerative disease, or worse. What would an empty bank account do to you?