• Energy Medicine: The Health Care of the Future?

    ©2011 by Christine Andrew, CNC

    Recently, Dr. Oz commented  that the future of medicine is in energy
    medicine.  I am not a medical doctor, or a physicist, therefore I am not licensed to diagnose, however, I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant and do provide energy evaluation to my clients, and have been utilizing one technology of energy “medicine” called Photon Resonance Optimization, in my practice.

    There are many alternative therapies all with one goal—to achieve optimum health.  These include: raw food, Blood type diet, Gerson therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Psychotherapy, yoga, massage, Reiki, Bowen, Homeopathy, Cold laser therapy, Quantam Reflex Analysis, etc.  Now, energy medicine, or Energy therapy, can be added to the list.  The standard of western medical health care has been dominated by prescription drugs and surgery.  You have a symptom, a pain, a complaint, or an x, y, z disease; the answer is an x, y, z drug or perhaps an invasive surgical procedure.  Western society has accepted this mode and any deviation  from these conventional  procedures  is usually regarded as bunk.  Peter Frazer of Decoding the Human Body-field states that “history shows us that
    most truly fundamental leaps forward in scientific understanding are shunned at
    first.  Truly new insights are sometimes too radical an over turning of accepted theory or too threatening to business or academic interest to be evaluated impartially.”   Think
    of germ theory.  It took years for that theory to be regarded as valid. (Of course on his death bed Louis Pasteur declared that the germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.)  Energy “medicine” has also taken awhile to be accepted.

    Symptoms are a consequence of the breakdown of biochemistry; as distortions or blocks in the underlying energy and information of the human bio-(body) field.  According to Hans
    Reckeweg, M.D.,  numerous symptoms of dis-ease are actually manifestations of the body attempting to detoxify or to heal. Suppression of these symptoms with Over-the-Counter  or prescription drugs results in accumulation of toxins within the body’s cellular matrix and eventually within the cellular organ structures.

    In the body, besides organs, tissues, bones, cells, and muscles, etc., we also have a liquid substance called the living matrix.  This functions as the largest organ.  It is the information processor that integrates all body systems –muscle, skeletal, gastrointestinal, nervous, immune, endocrine, etc.  It is in this matrix where toxins can build up.

    How does all this relate to energy medicine?  Let’s start with what is energy.   Energy is the ability of a physical system to change and is manifested in two ways.  One is force and movement and the other as information exchange.    Energy “medicine” has been around for several decades.   Actually, according to James Oschman, the use of electricity for healing dates back to 2750 BC when sick people were exposed to shocks produced by electric eels.  Energy is information, and the process of all life.  All living things rely on energy to be able to grow.   Matter is what life is made of: particles, molecules, cells, tissue,
    organs, and systems.   Cells and tissues are always engaged in energy exchange.   That is how they communicate.  In so doing they create patterns of oscillation or vibration.   When
    two or more systems resonate together they impart information.   This information can be measured in  waveforms.   Energy is very efficient at carrying  information through matter—throughout every part of our body.  Certain information can only be carried
    through matter and some only through energy.   Pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, herbs, and foods carry information to the  body through matter.  Homeopathics, electromagnetics, radiation, and even thoughts can carry information through  energy.

    Our bodies are electric.   This is a form of energy.  You’ve experienced electrical shock, no doubt, so you understand that energy flows throughout the body.  Dis-ease and disorder alters the flow of energy.  According to Hans Reckeweg M.D., disease process first alters the body’s energetic field.  This is why standard blood tests don’t often reveal disease before it has manifested into chemical changes.  Blood tests show pathology, not energetic

    Correcting the distortions and imbalances in the human bio-field at the energetic level first, which is what energy “medicine” therapy accomplishes, can help return the body to homeostasis, or balance.

    How is this done?  There are several ways.  One way this is accomplished is through a computerized machine, called Asyra, using photon resonance optimization technology.  The original concept came from Reinhold Voll, M.D. in the early 1950’s.  Through his studies, he found that the amount of current that passes through the cellular structure of the organ, gland, or body system reveals the functional status of the tissues.  The assessment is based on defined parameters of health so any deviation from the standard can be detected.    The basic law of physics states that when an electric current flows through a conductor, such as the circulatory system, a magnetic field is created in that
    area.  According to James Oschman, human tissues respond to pulsating electromagnetic fields, and the entire matrix forms an electromagnetic and photonic network.    The design of the tissue matrix allows for specific transfer of information through the cell and throughout the organism by direct transmission of vibrational chemomechanical energy through harmonic wave motion.    These waveforms can be reconstructed by adding together correct sets of simple frequencies.  The collection of all the body’s possible sets of vibrational “fingerprints” are stored, analyzed, compared with baseline values, and modified at the discretion of the practitioner.   In the evaluation, the cells and tissue measured are either healthy, depleted, or stressed.  This is the basis of the computerized technology that is used in my practice.

    By identifying the functional organ disturbances first allows the practitioner to identify and correct the distortions, or the red flag warning light, of the cells or tissues, so that disease does not manifest.  This technology reveals how to re-establish balance to the energetic pathways, and directs the body towards homeostasis—- health.

    The assessments using this completely noninvasive FDA registered device self-calibrates to each individual and automatically proceeds through one of the many assessments that have been selected.  Some of the many available functional assessments include:  Allergies,
    Addictions, Chemical toxicities, Dental disturbances, Digestive maladies, food sensitivities, Heavy Metal burdens, Hormonal imbalances, Emotional Stress, Neurotransmitter imbalances, and others.

    Having a series of assessment scans allows the device to peel back the layers of the bio-field—the information imbedded in organs, the matrix, and cells, and records this energy evaluation.   Over time these assessments reveal the effects of therapeutic interventions.

    Energy “medicine,” or therapy, is a cost effective method that may provide help for those who have not found relief using conventional medical approaches.

    If you wish to partake in an assessment, please contact the office at (707) 451-4058.