• Healthy House Calls

    https://icons8.com/Are you wondering why you may not be reaching your health goals or you want to start on a healthier path, but are overwhelmed about where to start? A Healthy House Call may be just the place to start or may be just the path you need to take to find out if your home is making you sick. Holistic Health or Functional Medicine is not just about taking supplements. We work on the physical body, emotional health, but environmental health is also a key component in optimal health.

    With a Healthy House Call:

    I can show you…

    • how to decode food labels and what ingredients to look for
    • natural and effective ways of cleaning your house with non toxic, easy cleaning materials
    • what to look for and how to test for mold toxicity
    • references for air cleaners


    I can assess your home for…

    • Electromagnetic Fields that are potential health risks and remediate the home.