Ingredient: sugar

  • Polish Jewish Beet Soup

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    Polish Jewish Beet Soup
    From Tony Gruska, Farm to Table
    1. Scrub beets. Cover with water and boil with juice of 1 to 2 lemons until soft, about 40 minutes.
    2. Remove from the water. Let cool slightly, peel and dice. Return diced beets to water.
    3. Add onion and potatoes. Stir in chicken stock and sugar. Adjust the sweet and sour to your own taste with the sugar and lemon.
    4. Sprinkle chopped dill over soup when read to serve.
  • Cranberry Salsa Dip with Cream Cheese

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    Cranberry Salsa Dip with Cream Cheese
    From Jane Collins
    1. Rinse, drain, and pick over cranberries, discarding all that are too soft or bruised.
    2. Place them in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped, but not mushy.
    3. Transfer to a bowl.
    4. Stir in the green onions, jalapenos, sugar, cilantro, ginger and lemon juice.
    5. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours to allow the flavors to blend and develop.
    6. If you taste immediately after mixing, you will find the flavors too sharp and mellows and sweetens over time.
    7. Makes about 2 cups.
      • One 8 oz. package of cream cheese
      • 1 box of Gluten-free rice crackers
    8. Spoon about one cup of salsa over the cream cheese and spread crackers around the plate.
    9. Garnish with a few sprigs of cilantro and a few cranberries for a festive look.
    10. Refrigerate any left over salsa........if there is any left! This does not keep more and a couple of days.
  • Pie Crust (Gluten-Free)

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    Pie Crust (Gluten-Free)
    From Living Without
    1. Place the first 7 ingredients in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the steel blade.
    2. Pulse to combine.
    3. Add butter and shortening and pulse until mixture resembles coarse meal.
    4. Add half the water and all the vinegar and process.
    5. Add remaining water, little at a time until dough forms into a ball.
    6. Remove dough from the bowl and pat it into a disk between two sheets of wax paper or plastic wrap.
    7. Roll it into a 12 inch circle.
    8. Remove the top sheet of wrap and gently turn the crust over on to a lightly greased 9-inch pie pan.
    9. If it cracks or breaks in places, pat it back into place.
    10. Form and press the dough into a pie shell and crimp the edges so that they are slightly higher than the pan.
    11. To bolster the height of the crust and to prevent over-browning, make a collar around the pie rim with aluminum foil.
    12. Prick the bottom of the crust several times with a fork.
    13. Freeze the crust for 15 minutes while preheating the oven to 375.
  • Lemon Puff Pudding

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    Lemon Puff Pudding
    From Jane Barker
    1. Grate lemons first, then juice.
    2. Cream butter and sugar.
    3. Add egg yolks, beat well.
    4. Stir in lemon rind, juice, and milk. Add flour.
    5. In separate bowl, add salt to egg whites, beat until stiff.
    6. Fold whites into first mixture.
    7. Pour into a large buttered baking dish.
    8. Set dish in shallow pan of boiling water.
    9. Bake at 325 degrees for about 1 hour or until lightly browned. Cool.
    10. (Pudding will fall slightly.) Enjoy with fresh blueberries or raspberries!
  • Christmas Macaroons

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    Christmas Macaroons
    1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
    2. Line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper.
    3. In medium bowl mix egg whites, sugar, salt, and vanilla.
    4. Add flour and stir until well blended.
    5. Fold in coconut.
    6. Drop dough by teaspoonfull about one inch apart.
    7. Bake 15-20 minutes until light brown. Cool on cookie sheet.
    8. Peel paper from cookie.
  • Green Pea, Carrot & Mozzarella Salad

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    Green Pea, Carrot & Mozzarella Salad
    1. Steam carrots and peas (if fresh) for 3 minutes in a small saucepan with a bit of water and tight-fitting lid.
    2. Place the carrots and peas (drained-if from frozen) in a medium-sized bowl.
    3. Add celery and cheese, toss well.
    4. Combine the remaining ingredients in a small bowl.
    5. Spoon over the salad and toss well.
    6. This will keep well in the refrigerator for several days.