• Making the Right Hormone Choices

    The Use of Thermography for Risk Assessment in Womens’ Health

    Date:October 28, 2023
    Cost:$30 for pre-registration (before October 25) – $40 at the door

    What you will learn:

    • Isn’t estrogen healthy? Doesn’t it keep us young?
    • What is the purpose of estrogen?
    • Where are estrogens?
    • Breast Cancer facts
    • What are factors that increase risk for breast cancer?
    • How can someone reduce risks?
    • What foods are safe and unsafe for women?
    • Is thermography safe?
    • What is the difference between thermography and mammography?
    • Four important reasons to return for regular thermography exams

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    Center for Holistic Health, Nutrition & Vacaville Thermography, 97 Dobbins St. Ste C, Vacaville