• Dental Seminar

    Do you have:

    Emotional or neurological issues, hormone issues, joint issues, cardiovascular issues, or immune dysfunction? All or any of these could be related to your teeth. To find out the connection and kick-start your new year, join us for the most important seminar of the year (or of your life).

    Topics include:

    • Mercury toxicity
    • Gum Disease
    • Biofilms
    • Root Canals- Truths vs Myths
    • Cavitations
    • Fluoride- Truths vs Myths
    • Dental materials
    • Alternatives
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    Seminar, Lunch, Handouts, Raffle Tickets, Swag Bag $45.00
    Seminar (No Lunch) but includes Handouts, Raffle Tickets, Swag Bag $30.00
    Seminar Only (no Lunch, Handouts, Raffle Tickets, or Swag Bag) $15.00
    Total Price$0.00