About Jody Tabura

Jody TaburaSolutions For Wellness is owned and Operated by Jody Tabura. You may contact her directly: (707) 980-3774

Jody is a wife, mother, and Registered Dietitian. She received her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Loma Linda University.

Jody is a Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, and is currently furthering her education at The School of Applied Functional Medicine. She has 20 years experience as a dietitian with clinical experience in the hospital and long-term care settings.

While working with patients in long-term care, she acquired a lot of knowledge regarding disease processes, lab work, medications, and end-of-life care. Most importantly, she realized how all of this was tied to nutrition. She saw first-hand how lab work can improve, number of medications can be reduced and residents “graduate” off of hospice care, just by getting adequate nutrition. Wellness has always been a passion for Jody and the reason she became a dietitian.

Finding herself increasingly frustrated with the restrictions that limited her ability to help people the way she wanted to – by getting to the root cause of their illness instead of just treating the symptoms, Solutions for Wellness was born. Jody is a strong believer that healthy food is medicine. Shifting her professional focus to help people build a better relationship with food, thus restoring and strengthening their health.

Wellness is more than the food we eat and is not the same for everyone. Jody offers a holistic living approach, focusing on nutrition, lifestyle, attitude, and exercise.

Jody can help you make informed choices to fuel your body and mind. Her programs that are perfect for corporate, small groups or individuals. There are no diets, quick fixes, or unnecessary restrictions.

Working with Jody will give you practical and realistic nutrition information to build healthy habits, with a goal of drug-free healing. You will learn how to navigate the grocery store isles and understand food labels.

Jody provides ways to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals that disrupt your health. Personalized meal plans take the guessing game out of mealtime.

Jody also can provide guidance in choosing supplements that are right for you. Supplements are necessary at times to help balance the imbalances in your body. You can feel confident in the fact that the supplements offered have been thoroughly researched for safety and effectiveness. Jody is passionate about being able to provide you with solutions for clean eating, clean living and your best health.