Services: Christina Pann


Christina Pann, N.C. 

  • 15 min. phone consultation- FREE


Are you tired of struggling with the same issues and not finding any relief? Lets chat! This phone call gives you an opportunity to share your current health struggles and goals, ask questions about services and programs offered, and allow me to outline a plan of action for you!


  • Initial Consultation (1.5-2 hours)- $149.00


During this time we will go over your health history and current health concerns and goals. I use in depth questionnaires that cover all areas of your physical and mental/emotional health including blood sugar, gastrointestinal health, adrenal and thyroid function, toxicity level and more. I will also go over blood work, make recommendations for further testing and dietary changes, and create a clear plan for your success!


  • Follow up visits (30 min.)- $50.00


These visits are designed to check in on how you’re responding to your plan, provide support and accountability, answer questions, and make adjustments if needed.


  • 3 Month Wellness Package- RECCOMMENDED! $299.99 (A $350.00 value)


If you are struggling with multiple complex issues, the truth is, getting your body back in balance takes time! This package allows us to spend 3 months together working on your health goals! It includes an initial consultation, and 4 follow up visits over a 3 month period where we can create and customize a diet, supplement, and lifestyle plan for your specific needs, track progress, make adjustments, and give your body the care and time it needs to heal.


  • 4-R Gut Revive Program (4 weeks)- $299.00 (stool test extra)


Your gut does so much more than digest your food, The GI system aids in hormone conversion, detoxification, and houses 70% of your immune system. The 4-R program is a powerful and natural way to regain balance in your GI system using 4 stages: Remove harmful bacteria, pathogens, and allergic foods, Replace hydrochloric acid, enzymes, and other nutritional factors that may be lacking, Reinoculate the gut with healthy bacteria, and Revive the GI environment with herbs and nutrients to support the gastrointestinal mucosa. This program is perfect for those who have taken antibiotics, are suffering from uncomfortable and painful GI symptoms like IBS, gas, bloating, constipation, or loose stools, or just want to give your gut some TLC!


  • Detox-360 (4 weeks)- $399.00


Tired of feeling tired, achy, and bloated? Dealing with skin issues, food cravings, weight gain, headaches, and low immune function? It’s time to DETOX you life!


Detox-360 is a 28-day detox program to reset your health, reduce inflammation, identify food allergies, and feel BETTER. It’s a whole food, hypoallergenic-based program that includes key supplementation and homeopathic formulas to replete the body’s nutrient stores and aid in the detoxification and drainage process. You will receive educational materials, DVD’s, meal plans, lifestyle reccomendations, one-on-one care, and accountability.


Included in the program is an initial 1-1.5 hour consultation to explain the program in detail, go over intake forms, and make any customizations necessary to the program to fit your individual needs. You will also receive three 15-30 min. visits once a week for the remainder of the program to check in, make adjustments, ask questions, and receive support.



  • Grocery store tour (1 hour)- $50.00


Are you confused by labels? Overwhelmed by all the choices at the grocery store? Or unsure which foods are right for you? Let’s go shopping together! During this time together I’ll share tips on how to eat healthy on a budget, introduce you to nutritious foods, show you how to read food labels and avoid harmful ingredients, and show you tasty and healthy alternatives to the unhealthy ones you eat regularly.


  • Meal planning 101 (1-1.5 hours)-$65.00


Being prepared is key to being successful with your healthy eating goals. When we fail to plan ahead, we will likely reach for whatever is close, quick, and convenient. Meal prepping is a must! It saves time, money, and keeps you on track. Let me show you how to choose healthy, balanced meals to fit your individual or family’s needs, and how to create a weekly menu plan equipped with a grocery list that will take the stress out of meal time!