Category: Testimonials

  • Testimony: Cory S.,Vacaville, CA

    Last year I was carrying a pot of boiled spaghetti noodles to the sink to drain.  I accidentally hit the pot on the side of the counter spilling the boiling water on me.  I got a pretty good second degree burn on my side.  I followed medical instructions for treatment but it was healing very slowly and very painful.  I called Christy and she gave me lavender and myrrh.  After just one day I noticed a dramatic change and from that point on not only did the pain decrease substantially but the healing process seemed to speed up.  Now, a year later, the scars are barely visible.  This experience made a believer out of me with essential oils and I have since purchased and used others for more conditions.  Thank You Christy!!!

  • Testimony: Kimberly F., Napa, CA

    Christine is highly educated in understanding how food and nutrition influence personal wellness.  Her careful, thorough assessment of patient needs, and her gentle, yet firm counsel are priceless when facing illness or just for maintaining energy, stamina, and overall health.  She offers an outstanding alternative for those not wanting to use more traditional toxic medications for health challenges.

  • Testimony: George S., Louisiana

    Coming off the Christmas Holidays and starting 2015 my goal was to get healthy and in-shape! But I was having a problem finding a remedy for heartburn and acid reflux, as well as feeling bloated after eating the smallest of meals! I also felt foggy headed and not very sharp! I had recently joined Christian Healthcare Ministries, and that’s where I met fellow member Christine Andrew of the Center for Holistic Health & Nutrition!  Christine carefully evaluated my situation and determined it to be Leaky Gut Syndrome, and later through observation that I had a sensitivity to Gluten. She immediately put me on a cleanse to help rid my body of toxins that had accumulated over time! Then she tailored a protocol specifically for me, which included a focus on nutrition, supplementation, hydration, and exercise! It has been 4 months. I have lost 18 lbs and feel healthier than I have in quite some time! The issues I had been having are completely gone, my thinking is sharper and I am becoming more fit each and every day! Christine has been there for me every step of the way with her expertise and encouragement, which has made this all possible! I plan on making this a permanent life style change, and at 57 years young, I want to be pro-active when it comes to my health!  Thank you Christine, and thank you Christian Healthcare Ministries! Cheers to Good Health!! God Bless!!