Category: Testimonials

  • New Client Testimony

    Ambiance was perfect for the occasion as I am sensitive to bright lighting.

    The light herbal scent in the air put me at ease. I’m quickly upset with the overbearingly sterile aromas at clinics and hospitals.

    An initial meeting with a new health care professional is so important to understanding and establishing and goals and I was happy to feel that there was plenty of time to cover my concerns thoroughly.

  • Testimony sent from Ann

    I have been working with Christine for about a month now. The first moment I met her I new she was put in my life for a reason. She is amazing! She’s kind, compassionate, and truly someone who wants to heal people. My anxiety has gone down tremendously with a diet and supplement change.

    I decided to seek out an alternative way to treat my anxiety as Western Medicine just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore and actually making things worse. Anxiety has completely taken over my life, along with being recently diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. Christine has helped me and has/is educating me on Celiacs and what it is doing to my body. With a Holistic approach to my new way of life I’m positive that I will get better as I’m already feeling and seeing the benefits.

    If you are looking for a better way to treat and heal your body, other than just taking pills that Western Medicine pushes on us, that have horrible long term side effects,  I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Christine today. You won’t regret it for a minute.

    Christine,  Keep up the amazing work you do!

    Ann H

    Vacaville, CA

  • Testimony: Tammi

    I am so happy with Christine’s services.  I am off my medications (antidepressants and anti anxiety), sleeping like a baby now, minimal hot flashes, and, I have lost 8 pounds and 2 inches off my waist in the last two months.  I have been eating more “superfoods” like organic vegetables, cucumbers, celery, peppers, etc and upped my vitamin C rich foods like cantaloupe, strawberries, and apples, eating more fish and sprouted bread. I owe it all to the changes she has suggested for me as well as the supplements that she recommended for me.

    Thank you, Christine

    Tammi— Vacaville, CA

  • Testimony: Lauretta Napa, CA

    Thank you for your conscientious and thorough care. I now sleep through the night, my
    digestion has improved, I am regular and feel an overall sense of well-being.  I am
    63 years old.  Three times this week people have said I look younger!  My sex drive
    has improved, I have more energy, I even see better. I got my first perscription for
    glasses when I was 36 years old.  I need readers now but have stopped wearing
    glasses for distance because I see so much better without them.  By following your
    advice I have an increased quality of life in so many ways!
    Thank you so much,

  • Testimony: Sandy H.

    This was the best phone call I have ever made…2 years ago I was diagnosed with De Quervain’s Tendinitis, very, very, very painful.  During those 2 years I have had 3 cortisone shots (2 that helped for a short time, the 3rd did nothing at all) I also wore a brace most of my day and to sleep at night.  My last resort per my DR. was surgery in a few months, which would take me off work for 4-6 weeks, and deal with disability!  I was given Christine’s name to call.  When I spoke to her about the pain I was having she let me know about a Cold Therapy Treatment she provides that would take my pain away…right away I was on board.

    I have now been seeing Christine / Rebekah for 6 treatments…my pain is almost gone!!  I am so extremely excited!!!  I have been brace free for 3 weeks now!  Building my muscle strength back in my wrist again…on the road to recovery!!  NO SURGERY

    I highly recommend you looking at their website it is very informative.  Make that call like I did and change your life…

  • Testimony: Claudia R. Vacavillle, CA

    Christine Andrew is amazing. She has helped me understand why my body reacts the way it does, to listen to my body and find relief to my pain. She has proven herself over and over with her suggestions about foods, how to find the culprits that had me for years with constant pain and how to make healthy choices. Her supplements are supportive of her suggestions on how to improve healthy living. She has helped my family with controlling diabetes, reducing anxiety and stress, and weight loss and management in addition to supporting a healthy lifestyle. What I love about Christine is her ability to teach and not sell. She listens and understand before recommending any solutions. She cares about her clients and follows up to make sure you are getting the care you need. She is a true healer.

  • Testimony: Kara Vacaville, CA

    I would like to first and foremost give God the glory for the progress and victory I have made through Christine’s diet/supplement plan. I met Christine at a health conference at my church last fall. Right before the conference I had received some bad test results from my doctor. I had just been diagnosed with a low functioning gallbladder. My ejection fraction was at a low 6%, where a normal gallbladder should be ejecting at 35%. I was suffering with constant upper right abdominal pain and my doctor along with a surgeon advised me to remove the gallbladder. I asked my primary care doctor if there was anyway to reverse my gallbladder function (non surgically) and get it back to its regular function. My doctor informed me that she had never seen it been done before. I then met Christine at the conference and I am SO grateful that I did. We chatted a bit after one of her breakout sessions on gut healing and for the first time I found hope through her. She assured me she has reversed a bad gallbladder before and advised that I schedule an appointment with her. I lost no time and did just that. After following Christine’s treatment plan for a few months my abdominal pain became less and I lost weight that I so desperately needed to loose. The biggest victory came when my doctor ordered a repeat scan to check on my gallbladder and found that in just 4 months my gallbladder almost doubled its function! I went from a 6% to an 11%. Although this is still a low functioning gallbladder I had the privilege of debunking my doctors theory of not being able to reverse a bad gallbladder and am now told by my surgeon that he votes I leave my gallbladder in. I stand by Christine and continue on with her treatment plan until my gallbladder reaches that glorious 35%. What a blessing and answered prayer she and her vast knowledge has been to me!


    I mean every word!

  • Testimony: Johanna, Vacaville, CA

    I first met Christine Andrew when she started her first Vacaville “Biggest Loser.”  I had read the Vacaville Magazine that same day and saw the program was starting that night.  I though how wonderful.  The  eight week session was great.  We divided into teams (We were the Lovely Losing  Ladies) trying to encourage each other during the week and then weighing in each Tuesday.  I lost 18 pounds.

    She mentioned some supplements she was selling.  I was taking some expensive multi-vitamins and didn’t think I needed anything else.  But when my doctor at Kaiser wanted me to take a cholesterol medication, even though I was eating right and exercising a lot, I asked Christine what she suggested.  She gave me a supplement and brought my cholesterol count down 30 points!  The doctor had even said he would recommend the supplement to others if it worked.

    Then my husband was taking a thyroid medication and he started taking her supplements hoping to eventually cut down the strength the doctor was giving him.  Even though the doctor said that my thyroid was ok, I knew that my metabolism is such that if I breath heavy I gain weight!  Since I started taking the thyroid supplement I have experienced at least three acquaintances that had thyroid surgery when they didn’t even know there was something wrong with their thyroid.

    Then Christine introduced her laser light therapy.  It rebuilds cells that are damaged to take away the pain.  I have very bad arthritis in my right knee which caused me to quit my part time retail sales job.  Her laser therapy took away the pain.  But I started exercising “big time” on my exercise equipment and the pain returned.  I will have to just stick to walking my new dog as my major exercise.

    Christine told me about how the laser light therapy was used for dieting.   She experimented on me after I told her I was concerned about the size of my waist after Doctor Oz said how dangerous it is to be larger than 36 inches.  My waist measured 36″.  She did her laser therapy on my waist a few treatments and it went down 3 inches!  She truly is a wonderful holistic healer and I tell everyone about her.


  • Testimony: Joyce S.

    In April 2009 my medical doctor prescribed a cholesterol lowering medicine.  I had just lived through absolutely the worst health year of my life and was not eager to start taking yet another pill.  The very next day, while sitting in my dentist’s waiting room, I came across an ad for Christine Andrew of Individualized Nutrition Services.  Since I had not yet filled my doctor’s prescription, I decided to give her a call.  That was probably the best phone call I ever made.  Christine suggested a homeopathic remedy and helped me appreciate the importance of a healthy diet.  Three months later my cholesterol levels were normal.  And, that’s where they have stayed.

    Since then I have continued to work with Christine to improve my overall wellbeing.  She has been a true source of wisdom, and alternative resources, as I traveled my journey back to health.  I now have the tools needed in order to live a long healthy life.

    Thanks to Christine I am a happy 60-year-old who is taking absolutely no prescription medicine.

  • Testimony: Alan A., Vacaville, CA

    This is my written testimony concerning an upper back cyst that has been growing for quite some time.  It was located centrally on the upper back very close to the spine.  After repeated attempts to remove the contents of the cyst my Doctor was consulted.  He didn’t like the looks of it and said we should keep an eye on it for several months and if it didn’t improve, he would surgically remove it.  At this point Christy began her LASER treatments on it and after several treatments the cyst went into “remission” and has subsided, being nearly flush with the skin and to the diameter of maybe 1 millimeter or less.  I can’t wait to show my Doctor!!  No Surgery, No Drugs…………..Just LASER!!