About Christina Pann

Christina, one of our nutrition consultants, is currently on maternity leave until September of 2017. You can keep up with Christina and her journey to motherhood here.

Christina’s own health struggles compelled her to take a deeper look into our food supply and question the standard medical model that treated every organ as an isolated entity and prescribed a “pill for every ill.”  Her research led her down a path of healing that completely transformed her life and body. She felt great purpose in sharing with her friends and family everything she was learning and had a deep desire to help people get well. She furthered her education at Bauman College and became a holistic nutritional consultant (C.N.C), and now partners with people on their own journey to wellness who are struggling with a wide array of conditions including adrenal & thyroid dysfunction, weight gain, hormone imbalances, diabetes, Irritable bowel syndrome, and more! When she’s not studying and furthering her knowledge in nutrition and functional medicine, you can find her playing Frisbee with her dog, Gunnar, working on her house, or going on adventures with her husband, Ryan. Christina is now available for consultations. Contact her here.