Center for Holistic Health & Nutrition offers a wide variety of modalities to reach your health potential with our research driven methods that encompass the whole person: physical, mental and emotional. Center for Holistic Health and Nutrition is for those seeking options to mainstream medical care. Gaining and maintaining health is a long-term process. A journey. For some it may require only a short period of time and for others much longer. This is dependent on a person’s health status, how long the current health issue has been present, a person’s willingness to make changes, and their body’s ability to heal.


At the Center for Holistic Health & Nutrition, Christine Andrew assists clients with a leading a more healthy, happy and productive life by offering a variety of modalities,
designed to assist her clients.

Nutrition Consultations

Our philosophy is simple just eat real food! As Certified Nutrition Consultants our job is to help you to feel better, reverse chronic illness…

Breast Thermography

Here at the Center for Holistic Health & Nutrition our goal is to identify the earliest signs of breast tissue changes so we can design a breast health plan…

Bio-energetic Assessment

Our bodies are electric. You’ve experienced electrical shock, no doubt, so you understand that energy flows throughout the body.

Therapeutic Cold Laser

Center for Holistic Health & Nutrition offers therapeutic cold laser services for our clients. We are based out of Vacaville California


Supplements are essential health-boosters that can help fill in any nutritional gaps and protect your body against the occasional diet slip-up.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) is a comprehensive clinical tool to assess the bio-energetic status of your internal environment using muscle testing.


Mudpacking has its roots dating well past 200 to a thousand years ago. It is referred as Pelotherapy. Peat baths were used in ancient Greece.


The liver and the gallbladder are instrumental organs to the body filtrating toxins. The liver is an amazing organ.

Upcoming Events

Workshops and Seminars

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Thank you for joining us at our recent workshops. We will offer some exciting & valuable new workshops, classes, and seminars throughout 2018! More information to follow.

Cost: TBD,    Instructor: Christine Andrew, CNC, CTT

About the Book

From four thousand years ago and earlier to current time, food has taken a dramatic transformation. The consequences of this change are taking a drastic toll on our health. The reader will learn what God’s Word reveals about food, beverages, our health, and what responsibility we have in caring for the bodies with which He has entrusted us. Compounding the effects of poor food quality with the magnitude of onslaughts from toxins, is there any hope? This book will leave the reader with guidelines for food and beverage selections, as well as remedies aligned with God’s Word, giving renewed hope.

Food Isn’t What It Used To Be is available in both hardcover and paperback. Order you copy today!

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