Center for Holistic Health & Nutrition offers a wide variety of modalities to reach your health potential with our research driven methods that encompass the whole person: physical, mental and emotional. Center for Holistic Health and Nutrition is for those seeking options to mainstream medical care. Gaining and maintaining health is a long-term process. A journey. For some it may require only a short period of time and for others much longer. This is dependent on a person’s health status, how long the current health issue has been present, a person’s willingness to make changes, and their body’s ability to heal.

Northern California Breast Thermography

Center for Holistic Health & Nutrition identifies the earliest signs of breast tissue changes so we can design a breast health plan that supports a lifetime of healthy breasts. We are committed to service for Northern California women of all ages in preventing breast cancer. Through Breast Thermography we offer preventative breast cancer education, and personal breast health plans.

“Your body speaks volumes… are you listening?”

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  Center for Holistic Health and Nutrition is for those seeking options to mainstream medical care.

Nutrition Consultations
Blood Chemistry Evaluations
Quantitative Risk Assessment
Functional Diagnostic Medicine
Cold Laser Therapy
Breast Thermography
Saliva Hormone evaluations
Diet/Menu Planning
Children’s Wellness
Detoxification Programs
EMF Remediation for home and electromagnetic devices,
Cholesterol Management
Gluten Intolerance/Celiac Disease management
Homeopathics and Nutritional Supplementation
Emotional Release Techniques
Cold Laser Therapy for pain and inflammation
Health and Wellness classes

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Various modalities are used by the Center for Holistic Health and Nutrition to determine causal factors relating to your health challenges including muscle testing and Galvanic Skin Response testing.


Nutritional Consultation Our goal of nutritional consultation are to help you live a longer, healthier, and productive life.